Hessian Business Development visits Darmstadt joint venture in Moscow Link
65th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (Basel, September 3rd - 7th, 2017)  link
Research on the positive effects of phytochemicals on the immune system  link
Rheinmaintv / IHK Darmstadt: Television coverage about AQUANOVA AG (german)  link
Hessen Trade & Invest: Technologie „Made in Hessen“ für russische Lebensmittel   link
Hessen-Nanotech: Technologie „Made in Hessen“ für russische Lebensmittel   link
Opening ceremony AQUANOVA RUS Oct. 23rd, 2015  link
Article about Curcumin research at University of Hohenheim with the title: "Spice with healing power" in German  link
Interview with Prof. Jan Frank from University of Hohenheim about his Curcumin research in German  link
Research NovaSOL® Curcumin rated #1 by Wiley  link
New Publication: Curcumin micelles improve mitochondrial function in a mouse model of alzheimer's disease
New Publication: Photodynamic decontamination of foodstuff from Staphylococcus aureus based on novel formulations of curcumin
NovaSOL® Curcumin presented in "The Curcumin Battleground"
August 12th, 2014: AQUANOVA receives Technology Leadership Award 2014  link
"Novel strategies for the enhancement of the potency of nutraceuticals" (Curcumin): AQUANOVA participates in research sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.  link

Press Releases

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2014-08-12  AQUANOVA receives Technology Leadership Award 2014
PDF (37KB)

2009-09-16  AQUANOVA receives beverage award for transparent soluble & natural colors


PDF (166KB)

2008-01-30  Highly effective and cost-efficient alternative to the antibiotic Natamycin.

Highly effective and cost-efficient alternative to the antibiotic Natamycin, for the surface preservation of cheese and raw sausage.

PDF (42KB)

2007-07-12  AQUANOVA launches a new water-soluble and highly bioavailable α-Lipoic acid formulation

Alpha-Lipoic acid, the rising star among the nutraceuticals, now available in a water-soluble form with strongly enhanced absorption

PDF (121kb)

2007-03-14  Award for “Best New Ingredient” in beverage sector
AQUANOVA wins “Silver Medal” in Zenith International’s Beverage Innovation Contest  

2006-08-30  AQUANOVA receives Technology Award for its pioneering solubilisation technology
Frost & Sullivan awards AQUANOVA the “Excellence in Technology Award” 
PDF (52kb)

2006-03-09  AQUANOVA: targeted health and beauty benefits on basis of a new scientifically based approach
Path breaking weight management product utilizes food safe nano carriers  
PDF (48kb)

2006-02-21  Cooperation with Degussa enlarges scope of food-use safe nanostructured solubilisates
Degussa Food Ingredients empowers alpha lipoic acid with AQUANOVA´s unique food-use safe nanotechnology  
PDF (51kb)

2006-02-02  AQUANOVA: Liquid solution offers innovative features for phytoextracts
Patented Isoflavone formula overcomes structural shortcomings  
PDF (46kb)

2006-01-23  New water and fat soluble Q10 offers superior features
Liquid patented solution “NovaSOL Q” sets benchmark for Q10 formulas  
PDF (47kb)