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Vitafoods Europe (Geneva, May 22nd-24th, 2012)


"Novel strategies for the enhancement of the potency of nutraceuticals" (Curcumin): AQUANOVA participates in research sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. link

NovaSOL® Color Solutions - winner of the "beverage award 2009" as "best new ingredient" / allows to replace "southampton" azo-dyes.

Winner Beverage Award 2009


July 2008: AQUANOVA participates in a program Support for the enhancement of mid sized companies´ innovation competence” (PRO INNO II), which is part of a supplement development for sustainable weight management.


Jan. 30th, 2008: Highly effective and cost-efficient alternative to the antibiotic Natamycin. Read more in our  press release .

January 2008: AQUANOVA nominated for "Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft 2007".

August 2007: "AQUANOVA intros next-generation preservatives ..."
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  press release 

Zenith Beverage Innovation
Award 2007  
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Frost & Sullivan – 'Excellence in Technology Award 2006'
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AQUANOVA is the technology- and market leader for liquid formulations of food ingredients. By means of its proprietary patented solubilisation technology, AQUANOVA has developed a range of highly innovative liquid food additive - systems, which are marketed under its NovaSOL® brand.

The product range comprises:

High performance food antioxidants
The vitamin based antioxidant - systems are embedded in nano sized product micelles, which are ambiphilic, meaning they are both water and fat soluble. This makes them applicable and highly efficient in foods, essential oils, flavors and fragrances where conventional antioxidants cannot be applied.

High performance food preservatives
These innovative formulations are highly active at pH values at which their conventional forms do not work. This allows producing less sour fine foods like salads, with a much more pleasant taste.

Amphiphilic food colorants
Lipophilic food colorants like carotene can now be used in crystal clear beverages or non-fat foods.