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AQUANOVA offers a key technology, which creates liquid carrier solutions, the so-called "solubilisates", based on its own technology. The solubilisates transport the respective active raw materials and active substances in an ultrafine distributed micelle structure.

This is possible by employing the patented AQUANOVA technology which encapsulates the respective substances in the smallest, absolutely homogeneous units in the form of product micelles. Nature provides the example and the basis for this: micelles with diameters in the double-figure nanometre range are found for example in milk or hens' eggs. But also the human organism is continually producing micelles to render the fat-soluble substances, such as for example vitamins A, D, E and K, absorbable in the body. This is the basic prerequisite for the fat metabolism or the fat digestion. The AQUANOVA technology translates this transport system in nature (= micelle) into industrially useful solutions (= product micelle).
The ingredients necessary for the manufacture of the solubilisates or the micelles have been known for decades in the industry and are well established. In doing this, the substances transported in the product micelles remain chemically completely unchanged. The AQUANOVA technology is transporting the respective substance by intelligent encapsulation according to Nature's example. 

Water-soluble solubilisates

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Fat-soluble ascorbic acid

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Oil-in-water emulsions and dispersions of commercially available active substances are turbid (not watersoluble and low bioavailability)

In contrast, the AQUANOVA solubilisates are water-free, clear and transparent (100% watersoluble and high bioavailability)